Linking technology, knowledge and advice to deliver sustainable farming

Farming in the Fast Lane

Helix is a farm-based research project investigating how new technologies and knowledge can be linked to enable agronomists to deliver the future of agronomic advice.

Helix brings together all the most innovative techniques and technologies in agriculture into one central location, and tests them all at farm-scale.

Helix promises to deliver invaluable insights to develop the future of agronomy- it’s our most ambitious research project yet and the first of its kind in the UK.

Preparing for Change

Farm business profitability and environmental sustainability will become increasingly critical as we move through the next decade of change and uncertainty, requiring resource and a new management approach.

“The current agronomist and grower relationship will need to evolve if these challenges are to be met over the next 10 years, and utilising technology will be a significant part of this.

“Helix is an over-arching project, it’s really about delivering our idea and vision of the agronomist and grower relationship in the future. We are on the cusp of a new era and it feels that we are ready to embrace it completely.

“We are being exposed to a plethora of technologies such as data analytics, climate, machine learning, sensors, monitoring, detection systems, autonomy and robotics. However, there is a need to evaluate which technologies are relevant and ultimately increase productivity and profitability, as well as efficiency, both for the grower and the agronomist. We need to be able to rationalise these technologies into a benefit for the grower.” – Stuart Hill, Head of Technology & Innovation

Learn more about the Helix Project, the specific projects being explored at the moment and the Helix Farm.


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